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(Re)member the Nature That Is You

It was over twenty years ago when I heard the message from my Higher Self containing my prophecy...Golden Eagle Thunder 

It signified a great change that I would personally encounter in my spiritual evolution and has now become a role, service and devotion to support humanity...

To Return to the Nature That is You

In 2014, during a silent Vipassana meditation course, it became clear that I was to move my life to the Southwest and begin communing with the
plant kingdom

Now ten years later,
Golden Eagle Thunder has birthed into an apothecary of flower essences, plant and mushroom elixirs and
herbal tisane (tea), all of which are personally handcrafted with harvested and/or organic herbs

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About Eagle

Eagle’s body of work is devoted to self mastery through energetic practices. From a young age, she knew that the world was not what it seemed, that things were out of balance and that most people seemed to have lost a connection to themselves & the natural, living world around them. She experienced her clairsenses and intuitive abilities since a young age and due to this, often felt misunderstood by others. She spent her earlier life as a trained dancer and enjoyed the artform and the language that it creates using the connection with the body.

After some time trying to find herself and her path in life after leaving the dance world, Eagle moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico to study Herbalism after sitting a ten-day silent Vipassana meditation course. The high desert was a magical playground for her to explore and her work deepened into working with plant spirit medicine which supports the mental and emotional bodies. She began spending immense amounts of time outdoors, hiking and camping throughout the Southwest. This is where she began to reconnect with herself and the natural world. Eagle launched Golden Eagle Thunder in the beginning of 2016 as an Apothecary of flower essences she created.


Her newest creation, Lugh Danu Apothecary was born in the spring of 2023 during a DNA upgrade Eagle received, one that shifted the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual plane. Here Eagle receives intuitive insight from her plant allies to create the mental and emotional support that is currently needed for the collective.

For the next eight years, she began studying frequency, sound healing, energy healing, meditation, qi gong, Cha Dao, quantum healing and psychic arts. Eagle now incorporates her many studies into to supporting those who have Higher Sensory Perception, which is termed as “highly sensitive person” in Western medicine.


Eagle pays respect to her many teachers over the years. Much of her work has developed since her two-year training with mentor, Joy Mogami of the Warrior Mystery School. She also pays respect to Wu De of Global Tea Hut, Brea Fisher of Quan Yin Gong Fu, Tomas Enos and fellow teachers of Milagro Herbs & Rita Navarrete Perez and Tonita Gonzales who are traditional Mexican Curanderas.

While Eagle honors the prophecy of Golden Eagle Thunder, it is within her "given" name, Ashley Noelle Clanton, that she continues to fulfill the path that she chose prior to this incarnation;

To be a protector of the sacred wells of wisdom, to connect to the Divine, guardianship & communion with the plant spirit world, to be a conduit of the Heavens and bring Christ (state of eternal Cosmic Consciousness) Light to the Underworld, to restore the original intention for the natural order of consciousness evolution and rehabilitate the organic human DNA blueprint 

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