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Lion's Mane Double Extraction Elixir

Lion's Mane Double Extraction Elixir


Lion's Mane Double Extraction Elixir is an integral ally for Higher Sensory Perception!


This mushroom supports focus, mental clarity, memory & cognitive function. It balances and enhances dopamine and serotonin levels when they are low. It is by far my favorite ally for anxiety and depression.


For anyone who struggles with mental instability, neurological functioning, epilepsy, MS (multiple sclerosis) or has a history of bipolar, schizophrenia, psychosis and the like within their own life or their ancestral line, Lion's Mane will be beneficial for you.


Lion's Mane is also known to support:


-slows biological aging

-blood pressure

-liver, kidney & heart functions

-nerve damage

-connecting with nature

and so much more! 


Read more about Lion's Mane Elixir in my blog post here

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  • Properties

    Botanical Name:Hericium erinaceus

    Botanical Family: Hericiaceae

    Common Names: Lion's Mane, Old Man's Beard

  • Contains

    Lion's Mane tincture (dried and fresh) infused in grain alcohol for 5 weeks, double extracted in water to receive all the benefits

    Raw local organic wildflower honey

  • Use

    Take 2-3 droppers full daily or as needed

    Shake before use

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