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Remote Offerings

Into the Depths

1:1 Quantum Healing Session

This work is meant to restore well-being through quantum mechanics at a DNA, cellular and genetic level. Through this session, I work to support your remembrance and awakening to your Soul’s intended purpose, gaining you wisdom and clarity to step into your highest mission and potential on the timeline you are designed to exist within.

These sessions allow one to deeply feel and access their emotions, while supporting you to collapse old beliefs, vows and stories you've acquired throughout your life. Much of what we perceive to be true, is from the conditioning and lived experiences of our lives.

Whether you are making a huge life transition, feeling stuck in a loop of depression or cannot achieve what you know is possible, these sessions support you to live a fulfilling life based on the truth of your essence.

Our ancestral miasmas, epigenetic overlays and traumas cause fragmentation of our soul and lightbody. These sessions support you in reclaiming the truth of who you are, collapsing generational patterns and allowing you to live your wildest dreams! I look forward to holding this safe and sacred container for you.

*Package of 6 Sessions = 2 Sessions Per Month for 3 Months

Discounted rate for those with a deep commitment to healing, allowing for integration time and palpable progress

**I offer a discounted rate for clients whose currency exchange rate is significantly lower than $USD

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Image by Sarah Lee

Prophecy Within


A 1:1 embodiment mentorship for those with

Higher Sensory Perception to regulate their nervous system, reclaim their innate gifts & embody their soul's prophecy

Animal Spirit

An in-depth look at your animal guides and how to interpret their messages

Animals are potent messengers and guides on our life journey. We have guides for our Soul and for our many chapters in this existence. Here's a chance to receive an in-depth look at your allies and what messages they're sharing with you. 

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Flower Essence Reading

Receive a uniquely curated flower essence blend to support your current chapter of life

A reading of your morphogenetic field will be performed for Eagle to assess the core issues currently present. You'll receive a uniquely curated flower essence blend to support you as you transit through this period of life

In-Person Offerings

Currently Available in New Mexico
& surrounding areas

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Communion of Spirits

Tea Ceremony + Flower Essence Creation

+ Embodied Photo Shoot

A uniquely curated experience for those who desire a beautiful portfolio of photos emulating their soul's expression through communion with nature.

We will spend our day together in nature starting with a tea ceremony. This will allow our connection to deepen to the subtleties of the natural world and the medicine our allies provide. 

You'll learn the art of flower essence making as you awaken your intuitive, psychic ability to commune with plants. You'll create an essence of the ally that calls to you, and we'll process it so that you can take it home to work with and share with others.

Finally, you'll reflect on what the flower essence offered you in terms of emotional support or insight/guidance. For your photo shoot, you'll evoke the energy you feel from your connection with your ally and create a captivating portfolio of photos for yourself to use personally. You'll receive 44 lightly edited photos and 3 cosmic photos of you and the plant ally.

This day is an opportunity to deeply commune with the natural world, reignite your psychic abilities and rediscover the love you have for yourself and your body. 

Private Tea Ceremony

Private single or group tea ceremony

Cha Dao, the way of tea, is an ancient lineage honoring the leaf of tea (Camellia sinensis). Tea as a way, tea as a mode of being. All that is required during this ceremony is your presence and awareness of the present moment. Through this practice, one finds stillness and a moment to reflect, something our current overstimulated world has lost. Tea is a simple practice that cultivates a deeper connection to nature, allowing you to revel in its ancient wisdom.

These can be booked for up to 7 guests

Available for individual or group bookings

Please email me to inquire

tea ceremony cha dao camellia sinensis new mexico
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