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Orgone Energy

Orgone energy is the lifeforce energy also known as "prana" or "chi". Orgone devices neutralize harmful EMFs from cell towers, Wi-Fi routers and other devices. They do not block or shield the EMFs, they simply alchemize them into positive orgone energy. DOR or deadly orgone energy is the result of geoengineering, cell phone use, cell towers, smart meters and any other non native EMFs. Orgone devices are continuously working to transmute the energy field in which it exists into a positive, healthy state. 

RNI-Films-IMG-B8615BEA-5C5C-4BC4-9028-C95C3BA3AF12 (1).JPG

Towerbusters are orgones devices that are designed to be “gifted” to various places with high EMFs. “Gifting” is a term that means to conspicuously hide or bury a TB (towerbuster) to return that area to a healthy energetic state. The cost of this comes from those who go on these missions hence the term “gift”. Many people will “gift” TBs to cell towers, bodies of water, highly populated areas, schools, hospitals, energy vortices, ley lines etc. In order to impact a cell tower and the harmful EMFs being emitted, place at least 3 devices near each tower, depending on how big it is, how many panels it has etc. Again, this does not “knock out” the frequencies, rather it transmutes them into a positive, healthy state. 

Gridding Your Home with Orgone Devices

Home protection is the first step I would take in minimizing the EMFs in your everyday life. Before we talk about how many devices are needed to grid your home, let’s talk about the extra necessary steps one must take to minimize these frequencies in their home.


First, it is important to turn off and unplug your wifi router when not in use and especially at night before bed. Simply turning off the wifi signal is not enough, it is crucial to unplug it completely. You can also go back to the good ole ethernet cable which is not nearly as invasive and harmful as wireless internet.


Second, we must remember our phones are toxic devices (in more ways than one) and should be treated as such. They are emitting a constant frequency that is harmful and disruptive to the organic frequencies of your human body, organs etc. Turn off your device when you’re not using it, or at the very least, airplane mode (however this is still emitting a disruptive frequency). Never sleep with your cell phone next to you, even when it’s off, it’s best to put it in another room while you sleep. Do not use the device regularly, do not put it up to your ear, do not put it in your pocket or on your body and please do not wear ear buds! Studies have shown for quite some time now that cell phone radiation causes cancer. Studies with men show that the radiation causes higher levels of damaging free radicals, lower sperm viability and motility and greater oxidative stress. For women, it is important not to tuck your phone in your bra which can lead to breast cancer. And one last thing I want to remind parents, is that the phone or tablet should never be used as a toy. These are toxic, radiation devices that are being given to children which will not only disrupt their organic development and harm their DNA, but they are disconnecting them from nature (we are nature), from themselves and from this beautiful Mother Earth in which we get to call home on this journey.


And lastly, I would not recommend ever buying a smart device. We already have our phones which is bad enough, but the refrigerators, TVs, smart meters etc. are extremely invasive and harmful to all sentient life forms. So not only are our families and ourselves negatively impacted by these devices and the frequencies they are emitting, but the birds, the bees, the water, the land, the plants are all being negatively impacted when humans choose to use these devices.

A great documentary you can watch for free on youtube is called, Resonance - Beings of Frequency. It is an oldie but a goodie!


Gridding your home with orgone devices provides added protection for you, your family, your pets and your plants. I strongly believe it helps strengthen the protective field around the home as well. For most homes and apartments, 5 TBs or towerbusters will suffice. These should be placed around electrical appliances, WIFI router, next to/under bed (on the floor), around plants etc. I also place devices on the water reservoir we use in our kitchen. This will help to restructure the water to its natural state. Water holds memory and when it is not properly structured, we do not receive the benefits of it. Make sure to place at least one device outside and balance the gridding of your home evenly.

"Gifting" Towerbusters

  • Gift by yourself or with one other person you trust deeply. Calling attention to what you’re doing is a way to get noticed by the hyperdimensional forces that are benefitting from these harmful frequencies being emitted that are mind controlling humanity. If you are to begin gifting, please know it is important to protect and shield yourself in various ways physically and energetically. 

  • Turn off your cell phone completely, wrap it in foil and leave it at your house when you gift. This is a tracking device and you do not want that with you as you visit various places with your TBs. Just be smart and cautious and know that you will most likely experience interference with your technological devices once you begin this journey. AI (artificial intelligence) is a particularly harmful frequency and when you begin interfering with it, you may begin to notice interference in your life.

  • Do not take pictures or post about where you have gifted on any social media. I would even be wary about having this information on your phone which you shouldn’t because you should never go gifting with a tracking device!

  • Get within ¼ mile (the closer the better) of the cell tower you are busting to place the device. It doesn’t have to be buried, you can even throw one out the car window into a field while you’re driving! Just make sure it is hidden in some way, even if maintenance workers come to mow, do landscaping etc. Try to gift all sides of the tower with your gridding.

While psychological attacks are very real, especially for those who embark on this mission, it is not something to be scared of. Aware and conscious yes, but nothing to worry about. When those things happen to me, it is confirmation that I am interrupting their frequency fence and that’s the whole point; to end the weather modification and mind control from these cell towers. You can also mitigate these attacks by doing energetic shielding, using flower essences, praying etc. Flower Essences I recommend for this are:


Elephant Head


Red Clover

Frangipani (nightmares, attack during dreamstate)

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