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Quantum Regenesis Sessions

These sessions are focused on supporting the organic evolution of your soul embodiment

In order to gain full awareness and function of Higher Sensory Perception, the subtle bodies must be purified and restored through karmic clearing and timeline consolidation

From this work, you'll begin to remember the true essence of your Divine Eternal Self, and you'll begin to restore your organic architecture at a DNA and cellular level

During your session, I will guide you to witness things from your superconscious mind, alleviating old patterns, beliefs and behaviors that keep you looping in similar circumstances


The subtle bodies carry the imprints of one's emotions, beliefs, thoughts, memories and one’s true eternal divine essence

In Quantum Regenesis, each layer of the subtle bodies is addressed to alchemize your miasmas and regenerate your energetic field, aligning you with full sovereignty of your holographic reality


As you repair the lower subtle bodies, you cultivate capacity to hold the higher aspects of your multidimensional being, and therefore your Higher Intelligence

white sands shadow yucca.JPG
Here is where you realize your life can be changed, that it is not solidified and that you have the ability to change it at any moment you make a conscious effort to do so

Your relationships become stronger and healthier

Your emotional maturity evolves

You break the old, destructive patterns of your lineage

You become a compassionate witness of life and humanity

You gain reverence for sentient life

You become aware of how your past influences your present and future

These sessions continue to permeate through your life and lineage long after our session has ended

It is with great honor that I hold sacred space for you to walk through your deaths and rebirths, returning you to remembrance of the miracle you are in human form

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