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Sacred Datura Flower Essence

Sacred Datura Flower Essence



Transition in life (changing careers, moving, having a child etc), plans that failed, disassociation, death in all forms, lack of spiritual, connection, fear of ideals outside of your own, abuse, trauma, dark night of the soul, kundalini awakening



See beyond veil, transition, create space for new life, dreamtime, meditation, clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairsentience, psyche cleanse, courage to let go of what is familiar, alchemize shadow aspects, rebirth


Queen of the desert, Sacred Datura essence offers a deep, psychic cleanse. This essence helps us see beyond the present reality. It shows us the parts of our psyche we must let go of so we can open up space for new life. Because this can be a scary process sometimes, Sacred Datura offers a sense of security to make this transition whether it is leaving behind relationships, a job or thoughts/behaviors etc. Sacred Datura is extremely powerful during times of transition, shamanic journeys, dreamtime or meditation.


Sacred Datura offers us a moment to reflect on the parts of ourselves that have become distorted. The parts of ourselves we have neglected becaused we did not feel seen, loved, worthy, heard, accepted etc. When left unacknowledged, these exiled parts of ourselves become opportunities for the negative ego to thrive. Sacred Datura holds space for one to go deeper and alchemize the shadow aspects and see beyond the veil.


She works with the water elementals, nurturing and nourishing the womb space. Her seed can go undisturbed for years and suddenly appear after a summer monsoon rain. Her planet, the moon. Therefore, we know she is the great alchemizer of humanities shadow body, projected from this controlled station for hyper-dimensional forces. 


Sacred Datura is a poisonous plant, so a no-touch method was used in making this essence. A perfect shadow work ally.

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  • Ingredients

     Activated and blessed mountain spring water


    Choice of organic Calvados or organic apple cider vinegar


    Energetic imprint of plant

  • Use

      4 drops 4 times per day, for 30 days or as needed for acute issues


    May add directly to mouth, topically, in tea & water, into a bath, into rose water spray and on clothes & linens


    Can be used with pets & children and alongside any other remedies


    Learn more at FAQ

  • Origin

    Serano & Western Shoshone Land

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