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future earth medicine to bridge the new world

Lugh Danu Apothecary
Cork Oak Tree Essence


Long ago lived a tribe of beings who knew mythical arts, magical skills and how to work with the natural, sacred world


They were known as the Tuatha De Danann and their skills were incomparable


They occupied what we know of today as Ireland (Eriu or Eire) and they were skilled in art, poetry, music, architecture and magic


How the Tuatha De Danann arrived in Ireland continues to bewilder scholars, for many claim they arrived from a mist in the sky, descending from the Heavens as the Gods they are


Others claim they came on ships from Greece and nearby places


With them came four treasures from four different cities; the spear of Lugh, the stone of Fal, the sword of Light and Dagda’s Cauldron, all of which possessed magical powers


They occupied Ireland for four thousand years until some claim they were defeated by the Milesians, ancestors of the most current Irish lineage


Perhaps though, they intuitively knew of this battle that would take place and therefore they prepared long before the arrival of the Milesians


They built kingdoms underground of Ireland’s rolling hills and became known as the “fairy folk” or “Aes Sidhe”


Regardless of the refusal of their existence by the false his-story we have been fed by the mainstream, many of us today know that these beings no doubt existed


For it is within our bones, our blood, our DNA, our inner knowing, that we remember our origins and can hear the call of our ancestors

The name Lugh Danu represents the oath that I have taken to dedicate my lifetime to the living waters and restoration of true memories


Lugh became King of the Tuatha De Danann after King Nuada had been killed during a battle with the Fomorians


Interestingly enough, Lugh was of mixed tribes, for he was half Fomorian and half Tuatha De Danann


For the purpose of why this name was given to me for the apothecary, Lugh's mixed lineage is a representation of the hybridization that occurred during the Nephilim wars. We, the Christos race, are a product of these wars


His name loosely translates to “oath, pledge” and another translation is “light”


Danu is the Mother Goddess of Ireland and the Tuatha De Danann


She represents fertility and abundance


Her name loosely translates to “river” and also “to flow”


These two names came through as the name of the apothecary and loosely translate to “binded by oath to the river and the light”


This signifies the oath in which I have made as a soul on this journey to resurrect the true memories which have been frozen in time and to restore the light within the hearts of those who remember their true origins

To the ancestors of my lineage that have sparked this remembrance of the medicine woman within me 


With deep reverence, I honor you, I bow to you and I thank you for allowing me to stand before humanity and present the remedies to support their highest good and evolution!

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