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Ocotillo Elixir

Ocotillo Elixir


Ocotillo is a grandiose being! A longtime friend and ally that I first met during my Herbalism training in 2015. Ocotillo is known to get things moving.


Ocotillo carries potent support that feels larger than its physical vessel, which can grow up to 33 feet high! Walking amongst them, there is an overwhelming sense of support, groundedness and protection.


This elixir combines the healing properties of the Ocotillo tincture made with the bark and leaves and Ocotillo flower essence infused in raw local wildflower honey


Physically, Ocotillo helps with a myriad of ailments. However it is best known to promote lymphatic support. This is essentially the sewage system of the body and when it becomes stagnant, many issues begin to arise. The lymph is directly intertwined with our circulatory system and is constantly cleaning our bodies and putting back the good stuff into the blood and clearing out the toxins and bacteria.


Ocotillo is also known to physically support:

painful menstrual cramps (Dysmenorrhea), spasmodic dry coughs, boosting the immune system, sore throats, liver stagnation (anger, stress, alcoholism), prostate issues in men (issues maintaining an erection), lack of adquate 'flow' in women (edometriosis, spotting, cramping, fibroids), swelling, bloating, breast tenderness, wound healing, poor blood flow, hemorrhoids, vericose veins, dry skin, acne, eczema, constipation and cold extremities


Emotionally, Ocotillo supports a broken or wounded heart. It offers self reflection of unexpressed emotions that have been held onto subconsciously and may come out abruptly.  It's guidance is in responsiveness rather than reactivity. It's energy allows one to feel grounded, safe and secure within one's own being. It supports those who are Highly Sensitive and/or that carry deeply held trauma in the emotional body. For those who deal with unprocessed anger, Ocotillo gently offers support to process and alleviate the weight of this much needed emotion and stabalize one's inner fire.


This elixir was made with reverence and wild-crafted in the Chihuahuan Desert, only upon receiving permission from the plant spirit


An offering of blessed water was given to the Ocotillo from which I harvested from.


*Please note: this elixir is potent. There will inevitably be detox symptoms that may include but are not limited to:


  • emotional upheaval
  • fever
  • nausea
  • fatigue
  • Properties

    Botanical Name: Fouquieria splendens

    Botanical Family: Fouquieriaceae

    Common Names: Ocotillo, Coachwhip, Candlewood, Vine Cactus, Wolf’s Candles, 

    Actions: Expectorant, lymphatic, pelvic decongestant, vulnerary, anti-inflammatory

    Taste: Sour, sweet, bitter

    Energetics: Mildly warm and moistening

    Planet/Astronomy: Chiron

  • Contains

    Ocotillo tincture (leaves and bark)

    Ocotillo flower essence

    Raw local organic wildflower honey

  • Use

    Take 30-60 drops, three times a day

    Shake before use

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