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Peyote Cactus Flower Essence

Peyote Cactus Flower Essence



gullible, wanting to see beyond lies & mistruths, disconnection from self, feeling hopeless, needing to see new perspective, loss of spiritual connection, deep seated fears



ability to discern from true & false fields, receive higher streams of consciousness through 9th chakra (mouth of God), galactic awareness through monad integration of 7th, 8th & 9th chakras streaming together, dispels fear by offering a cosmic perspective on things, brain rewiring to conceive of spiritual intelligence, spiritual body activation, transparency, etheric body connection


*this is a poisonous ally, supporting shadow work. no touch method used

  • Ingredients

     Activated and blessed mountain spring water


    Choice of organic Calvados or organic apple cider vinegar


    Energetic imprint of plant

  • Use

      4 drops 4 times per day, for 30 days or as needed for acute issues


    May add directly to mouth, topically, in tea & water, into a bath, into rose water spray and on clothes & linens


    Can be used with pets & children and alongside any other remedies


    Learn more at FAQ

  • Origin

    Huichol Land - Mexico

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