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Water Hemlock Flower Essence

Water Hemlock Flower Essence



Intense trauma, unfulfilling or unhealthy relationships, wanting to do better, difficulty receiving criticism or advice, rebellious, anxiety, fear, phobias, tension, resentment or inability to forgive self or others, shame, guilt, toxic lifestyle, unconscious behaviors, a lot of prescription medication use/drug use or alcohol use, dark attacks



Purification, relaxation, energetic cleanse & boundaries, navigate spirit world, letting go, clears dark energies attached to  energy field, uses purity of clean water it grows in to alchemize shadow aspects of self, transform toxic behavior influenced by family or culture, supports nervous system regulation, cleanses at a cellular level to rid field and physical body of toxins


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  • Ingredients

     Activated and blessed mountain spring water


    Choice of organic Calvados or organic apple cider vinegar


    Energetic imprint of plant

  • Use

    4 drops 4 times per day, for 30 days or as needed for acute issues


    May add directly to mouth, topically, in tea & water, into a bath, into rose water spray and on clothes & linens


    Can be used with pets & children and alongside any other remedies


    Learn more at FAQ

  • Origin

    Pueblos, Ute & Lipan Apache Land

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