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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I take more than one Flower Essence at a time?
    I don't recommend taking more than four essences at a time. However, this should be done by asking permission of the flowers. If you are taking a blend, I wouldn't take any other essences. I personally like to get to know each flower intimately before combining it with another.
  • How do I choose a Flower Essence?
    In my personal experience, the plant ally you are meant to work with will always find its way to you. You may be drawn to the plant simply by its beauty or frequency. Perhaps you keep seeing a particular flower show up in your life. Maybe you've been dreaming of a flower. However it happens, you will always be connected with the appropriate ally. My advice is to sit in silence and listen to the subtle sensations you receive from your intuition, heart space and physical body. Don't think about it so much from a mental perspective and trust that the appropriate essence will come through. You may also use the search bar to enter emotions, feelings or desired states of being (ie anxiety, grief, higher consciousness, clairvoyance etc.) If you're familiar with muscle testing or pendulum, these may be utilized as well.
  • How do Flower Essences work?
    Flower essences work on the subtle energetic body, where as tinctures for instance, work on the physical body. They address mental and emotional aspects and help us to connect more deeply to our Higher Self. They help to bring about positive feelings when we are in a negative emotional state. Flower essences are energetic, using the energetic signature of the plant as the medicine. They do not contain physical extracts of the plant matter and can be taken alongside other medications and modalities.
  • Can I give Flower Essences to my pet or children?
    Yes! They will receive the benefits just as adults do. For pets, you may add to their water or wet food or administer orally. Children can take them orally (non-alcoholic apple cider vinegar) or topically. Keep the dosage the same as recommended for adults, 4 drops 4 times per day.
  • What are Flower Essences?
    Flower essences are solar infused, vibrational imprints of a flower/plant in water. They are typically preserved in brandy and diluted multiple times. They address mental and emotional aspects and help us to connect more deeply to our Higher Self. Think of them as a bridge between the body and soul, as they work to regulate the nervous system. If one is quite sensitive energetically, they may be felt more so than to those who are not. However, they will work to strengthen your ability to tune into this subtle energy if you are not typically capable of this. If not felt immediately, trust that your energetic body is receiving it and will work just the same. Flower Essences are the most sustainable form of plant medicine, using little to no physical parts of the plant. There is a "no touch" method that I sometimes use (depending on the permission that is given by the plant), where the essence is made using only the energetic field of the plant and no flowers are infused. Otherwise, only a small number of flowers are used for the infusion.
  • How do I administer Flower Essences?
    I recommend 4 drops, 4 times a day for 21-30 days (typically how long a 1 oz bottle will last). You may also take some flower essences in moments when you need relief immediately. Flower essences are more effective the more frequently you take them, not by how many drops you take overall. You may take them directly into your mouth, in herbal tea, fresh juices, in a bath or topically onto the skin.
  • Will my garment fade?
    Each garment has been prepped through a process of scouring & mordanting the fabric to hold the natural dye. The less you wash and dry the garment, the longer the color will hold over time. However, these should hold for years to come!
  • How do I wash my garment?
    Handwash garment in cold water with a natural detergent or pH balanced detergent Hang to dry - May also put on low tumble dry Do not iron - Light steaming only
  • What foods should I eat and also avoid?
    Ensuring to hydrate with plenty of water during the cleanse is essential for flushing out your system. This also helps to eliminate headaches and other symptoms from the detox. It is recommended to eat as clean as possible. Try and eat as much organic, unprocessed foods that you can. Things to avoid are grains, pork, alcohol, sugar (even lower your fruit intake). Garlic, pumpkin seeds and coconut are great additions to your regimen, as they help to eliminate the parasites. Ginger tea supports your digestive system and can help eliminate bloating and gas.
  • What should I expect during the cleanse?
    I highly recommend starting the cleanse on one of your days off. This gives you an opportunity to see how your body reacts. Physically, you may experience things like headaches, upset stomach, bloating, gas, frequent urination and bowel movements, cold/flu symptoms, loose stools, breakouts, and fatigue are all very common detox symptoms that occur when cleansing. This happens when your body is trying to remove an overwhelming amount of toxins. In most cases these symptoms pass. Just drink plenty of water and keep eating clean. You can even take a day or two off from using your herbs when necessary. Emotionally, you may notice suppressed emotions coming to the surface to be processed. Mentally, you may notice unwanted thought forms or thoughts that you know are not organically yours. Parasites initially begin within the energetic field, eventually manifesting into the physical form if not cleared from the Etheric body. This is a symbiotic relationship that forms when there is an unmet need or energy block, allowing for this parasitic energy to be sustained. If you feel you would like support, I am available for a 1:1 session which you can book here
  • How much should I drink per day?
    Anywhere from two to four, 8 ounce cups per day You may add 1 heaping teaspoon, or up to 1 tablespoon per 8 ounce cup of hot water
  • Where do you ship?
    Shipping is available in the United States, Canada, England, Wales & the European Union. Golden Eagle Thunder is not responsible for any package once it has shipped, and you have received a tracking number. If a package is seized at customs, Golden Eagle Thunder is not responsible for replacement, costs or refunds. Golden Eagle Thunder is not responsible for import taxes and fees associated with your package. These fees must be paid by the buyer.
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