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Remember the naturethat is you

Golden Eagle Thunder is a healing sanctuary that supports humanity to heal all aspects of their multidimensionality

Save the Date!

Apothecary Restock Coming Soon!

Mark your calendars for our restock happening

Monday July 8th, 2024 at 10am MDT

We've been busy foraging in the mountains and high desert, while listening to the whispers of the plant folk to formulate new plant remedies in the apothecary. 
There will be over 10+ new remedies in the restock!
  • New Herbal Tisanes (tea) for women's wombs and for peace and relaxation
  • Elixirs for dream weaving, heart healing and coping with stress
  • All-purpose Salve for cuts, burns, rashes and more
  • A strengthening and nutritive Hair Oil
  • A lustrous Face Oil to reduce oxidative stress, fine lines and even skin tone
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Golden Eagle Thunder
is devoted to restoring remembrance of our humanity through reconnecting with nature

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Golden Eagle Thunder began as an herbal apothecary and has evolved into a healing sanctuary that supports humanity to heal all aspects of their multidimensionality


Through the mediums of

Plant Spirit Communion, Cha Dao (the way of tea) Natural Dyes/Textiles and

Quantum Psycho-Spiritual Bio-Regenesis,

Golden Eagle Thunder aims to reconnect humanity with their truest essence rooted in nature and the elements

In today's modernized world, we often refer to nature as something separate from ourselves

Our mission is to provide emotional, mental, physical and spiritual support through working with the natural world and restoring remembrance that



We are currently updating our 1:1 Sessions and we'll soon offer multidimensional diagnostic sessions which will support the overall health and well-being of each individual

Golden Eagle Thunder will be taking a break from Quantum Bio-Regenesis & Psycho-Spiritual Sessions at this time

As the spring and summer months arrive, we will spend much of our days in nature communing, foraging and curating new herbal remedies.
A new line of Natural Dye Intentional Wear will become available.
Tea Ceremonies, Earth Connection Excursions & Flower Essence Making opportunities will become available very soon!

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Shop the Apothecary

Earth remedies made with reverence
& intentionally curated to spark remembrance within


Ocotillo New Mexico

Jocelyn S.

"My healing session with Eagle was nourishing and powerful. Her calm and stabilizing presence helped me to feel safe and held as we journeyed together. We unraveled some important pieces from my past that have been influencing me, and worked in relationship with my body to help release these energies. Eagle's embodied approach brings some much-needed groundedness to multidimensional healing. Experiencing her many gifts through this journey is something I will treasure. Thank you Eagle!"
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