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Phoenix Rising

Rebirth & Rise
A Moment to be Reborn

Journey into the underworld of your psyche
Move through life's transitionary stages with clarity and understanding
Gain deeper wisdom in your initiation from potent, poisonous plant allies
Cultivate courage to face your fears and uncover your gifts from the shadows

The course is laid out as a four-week journey. You may go at your own pace, however, your essence blend will last for approximately 30 days if taken as recommended. You'll receive lifetime access to an online platform where you can watch the pre-recorded videos, plant meditations and view course notes. Please fill out the form below with your shipping address, and you'll be redirected to purchase the course through the online learning portal.

Energy Exchange for Course = $144 (includes international shipping)

Upgrade your journey with a five-day Voxer 1:1 portal

Receive 1:1 support to help you integrate the teachings and ask any questions that arise

($144 = Energy Exchange)

Email me at to inquire

*Please note - I am not responsible for any lost packages, additional taxes or delivery charges should they incur

*Your course payment includes international shipping charges via UPS

*Shipping times range depending on the destination

*Due to my remote location, I ship every 1st and 16th of the month

*Please allow for up to three weeks from your shipping date listed above for your package to be received

Enter Mailing Address

Receive your Flower Essence blend before you begin the course


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