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Photography has been a passion of mine since middle school when I used to buy disposable cameras to capture all of my moments with friends. I eventually took my first photography class in high school. There is something about capturing a moment in time that is magical to me. To see the world through another's lens. To feel deeply through visual mediumship. 

What really inspires me behind the camera is the connection we have with Mother Earth. The way the land provokes your body to move, the whispers that the plant spirits share when you lean in close, the stories that the stone beings carry from all they've witnessed over the years. Allowing this communication to ensue offers an intimate interaction with the natural world that we often forget exists.

Nudity is often a theme in my art. Through nude self portrait photography, my body feels the elements from a whole new perspective. From touching my skin to the many textures and to becoming more attuned to what my body is experiencing, it is wildly exhilarating and intimate to commune with the natural world in this way. If you are interested in a personal experience of cosmic photography, I offer a unique 1:1 container that is dedicated to reconnection with one's Soul Essence. 

In a world that feels so disconnected from themselves, where we are taught to want to change everything about our physical appearance, my hope is that this work inspires you to embrace your physical vessel and love yourself wholeheartedly. My own journey as a dancer earlier in my life came with many moments of insecurities. What I have learned is that the more I tend to my inner landscape and discard the old overlays of conditioning and beliefs based in mistruths, the stronger my connection and love for myself grows. For it is not in changing the physical appearance that offers us relief, it is tending to our own emotional wounds and dated beliefs that offers us liberation from our suffering. This work offers a new perspective of self, communing with the natural world and the core essence of oneself. We are all unique beings, created perfectly in the image of Source, God, Creator or whatever else you want to call it. We are aspects of God itself and my hope is that through this work, you remember the divine human you are!

*To order any of the photos below as prints, please email me

open the rose wells cosmic portrait.JPG
cosmic edit giant on the playa.JPEG
cosmic edit spirit animal eagle.JPG
blue in your face.JPG
Cave of the Womban.JPEG
cosmic portrait jungle secret.JPEG
self portrait beach lay down.JPG
cosmic art fairytale creation.JPG
cosmic pink self portrait softness.JPG
cosmic edit saguaro & death apple.JPEG
self portrait me playa.JPG
scoop portrait playa.JPG
ocotillo fire cosmic art self portrait.JPG
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