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Chaparral (Creosote) Flower Essence

Chaparral (Creosote) Flower Essence



Loneliness, disturbing dreams, restlessness, insomnia, ancient sadness, overstimulation of mental & emotional body, toxicity due to drugs, PTSD, nightmares, inner chaos



Remembrance of cosmic support (we are never alone), psyche cleanse, inner wisdom, stillness, profound revelations, ancient support, allow others to support and help us and not “go at it alone”, retrieve information in the ethereal realms, balanced psychic awareness


Chaparral is a powerful ally for deeply witheld trauma, nightmares and inner chaos. It has been known to have a cleansing effect on our psyche and helps release things we have held onto for too long. Chaparral is wonderful for those who have a long-standing feeling of loneliness and sadness from being cut off from the world. Allow this pungent ally to make way for profound revelations and a deeper psychic awareness. Chaparral reminds us, we don't have to go at it alone. We are never truly alone. We have simply forgotten our connection with God and the Great Mystery.

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  • Ingredients

     Activated and blessed mountain spring water


    Choice of organic Calvados or organic apple cider vinegar


    Energetic imprint of plant

  • Use

      4 drops 4 times per day, for 30 days or as needed for acute issues


    May add directly to mouth, topically, in tea & water, into a bath, into rose water spray and on clothes & linens


    Can be used with pets & children and alongside any other remedies


    Learn more at FAQ

  • Origin

    Serano & Western Shoshone Land

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