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Multidimensional Soul Evolution Mentoring
that meets you at your depths and propels you to your highest timeline
You are a Highly Sensitive Intuitive ready to
Reclaim Your Highest Potential
You are tired and often overwhelmed by the old paradigm

What is Higher Sensory Perception?
Also known as
Highly Sensitive Person or HSP

Those who have higher sensory perception have an acute awareness, and they process social, physical and emotional information more deeply than others

HSP's have a more active emotional (limbic) brain than thinking (cognitive) brain, therefore needing more downtime to process information

Due to having more active mirror neurons in their brain, HSP's are able to gather more information about someone or something from their interaction together

This ability allows for them to having a stronger telepathic connection with someone

On a spiritual level, those with these abilities have simply activated more of their dormant DNA

We are the forerunners to usher in a new way of existence with more of the original human DNA online

As we find ourselves between the old paradigm dying and new world being birthed, we are left with setting the frequency ourselves for those who will also actively seek to evolve their soul and consciousness as we did

The Prophecy Within guides you to innerstand your capabilities and thrive in creating a new world that is rooted in love, compassion, sovereignty, liberation and the organic Living Light of Source God

If you've landed here, you very well have a prophecy to fulfill

Step into the depths of yourself and connect with your soul essence through your heart center

This is a deeply spiritual journey as you fulfill your greatest human potential

Image by guille pozzi

Without proper awareness of nervous system regulation, we are left feeling alone, depressed & isolated from society

Those who are HSP are likely to experience the following:

  • very emotional

  • don't take criticism well

  • easily pick up on what others are feeling, very empathetic

  • brain is highly active, thinking and worrying a lot

  • tired and overwhelmed from social gatherings

  • abhor violence of any kind

  • affinity with nature

  • need time to yourself a lot

  • detail oriented

  • feeling anxiety, exhaustion and burnout regularly (dysregulated nervous system)

You're ready to lead a grounded life that soothes your soul and satiates your desires

This modern world can feel overwhelming for highly sensitives who process information more acutely causing burnout, anxiety and depression


The Prophecy Within is your foundation to living the life you desire

One where you function from a place of stability, show up fully as yourself and feel confident you can come back to a state of neutrality when needed

This is a place to be seen, to be witnessed and to find peace with the unique essence you carry

Image by Sarah Lee

The Prophecy Within allows you to:

Be able to understand your sensitivities and read your bodies signals to help manage what your experiencing

Reconnect with nature and allow the healing wisdom of the plants to support you on your journey

Cultivate a safe return to your body, while you begin to know yourself on an intuitive, intimate level

You desire a sound and stable life, where you can read the wisdom of your body & gracefully navigate your inner waters

The Prophecy Within is a container that is rooted in your unique soul's expression


It is meant to propel you to your highest timeline

Who are you without the epigenetic overlays and the miasma of your ancestry?

What are your unique gifts?

What is your purpose here?

This is where you answer life's profound questions, go deep into your miasmas and fulfill your prophecy
Image by Silas Baisch

"Your empathetic nature is part of the original human design that is so needed in this world"

During this mentorship you'll...
Image by Jason Ortego

Reconnect with the divine wisdom within you and nature

Image by Aaron Burden

Reclaim your prophecy through your soul's unique self-expression

Image by Aaron Burden

Master your emotional capacity and respond to life with ease

Image by Kurt Cotoaga

Thrive with your abilities & access your greatest human potential

Image by Greg Rakozy

Uncover your unique gifts and utilize them as you quantum leap timelines

Image by I.am_nah

Understand the essence of your true core self

Image by Jong Marshes

What is
The Prophecy Within

12 Week Mentorship + 2 Integration Periods


We will create a sacred healing temple together for your journey and setup a sacred altar space for our meetings


Sessions will be held over Zoom, allowing for a more intimate connection of seeing and being with each other energetically

You'll receive added bonus material including Informational Packets, Meditations, Activations & Videos on all the tools we'll be using


Through working with Source Creator and the elements of Nature, you will cultivate a deeply felt experience and reconnection to self


We will dissolve old beliefs, unplug any blocks and repair the fragmentations of your soul


You will be reclaiming parts of yourself you have kept hidden and long forgotten

We will uncover your gifts from beneath the shadows and propel you into your highest timeline


This is a road of remembrance and journey back home to the purest aspect of you

Image by Jeremy Bishop

"Highly Sensitives are here to bridge the ancient past with the future.
To resurrect remembrance of our full hu-man potential."

Image by Joseph Barrientos

Module 1  Presence

Cultivate a sense of conscious awareness & safety through grounding practices, reconnect with your body's wisdom & address your core wounds

This module will focus on:


Practices in Nature

Energetic Shielding

Cultivating Clairsenses

Address Core Wounds

Module 2

Begin to unplug old belief systems, receive the wisdom of the spirit of tea (camellia sinensis) and nourish the parts of yourself that are being restored with forgiveness

This module will focus on:

Cha Dao

Creating Flower Essences

Understanding our Energy Centers

Inner Child Healing

Image by Ivan Bandura
Image by Cristian Palmer

Module 3

Unveil your unique gifts, step into a place of embodied empowerment and reclaim your role as a needed presence for humanity's evolution

This module will focus on:

Quanta Cultivation

Voice Activation

Cognitive Support

Unlock Your Gifts Activation

Name Prophecy Interpretation

What's Included?

Energetic Exchange

  • 12 Quantum Healing Sessions

  • Support throughout mentorship via Telegram

  • Pre-recorded courses & masterclasses

  • Learned tools for nervous system regulation

  • Embodiment & ceremonial practices to cultivate throughout mentorship

  • Unlocking Your Gifts Energetic Activation

  • Name Prophecy Interpretation

Option 1 - Full Exchange = $3,333

Option 2 - Two Payments of $1,722

Option 3 - Three Payments of $1,222

*Tea materials are at client's own expense & preference

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Say Hello to Your Mentor

Welcome! I am Eagle, a Plant Alchemist, Quantum Healer, Tea Ceremonialist

& Higher Sensory Perception Embodiment Mentor


I guide other HSP's to their most nourished, regulated and fulfilled existence. Working with Mother Earth and the Quantum Unified Field, I commune with the energetic field of plants, places and animals, drink copious amounts of tea and bask in the magnificence of this beautiful Earth


I've worked with energetic plant medicine for over eight years, cultivating a basis for navigating the body, its signals, its sensations and its many subtle bodies


This work is inspired by my own journey back to a regulated nervous system and living my life to its fullest potential


My mission is to support other highly sensitive beings to see that their acute awareness is potent medicine waiting to be tapped into


The work I offer develops safe occupancy within your body, profound revelations about the truth of who you are & radical life transformation as you step into your highest timeline

Image by Kiril Dobrev

The Prophecy Within

A 1:1 embodiment mentorship for those with higher sensory perception to regulate their nervous system, reclaim their innate gifts & fulfill their soul's prophecy

Enrollment is ongoing on an approved application basis


Limited spots available

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